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ECActiv is a ready-to-use teat dip. It’s NPE free, meeting European Union regulations; the EU has banned Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, and all producers exporting their goods must follow the regulations.

For smaller barns, Clear Innovation can deliver tanks of its ECActiv concentrated cleaning solution. For larger dairy operations, Clear Innovation sells inexpensive systems that allow you to produce your own ECActiv for just pennies per gallon. The ECActiv system can be scaled to meet any dairy’s needs.

Our sales team knows how dairies operate. We’re ready to put our knowledge to the test on your farm. If you’ve got problems, we can solve them. You can trust our service team to keep your farm running efficiently.

A wide range of Clear Innovation additives are available, from ECActiv PREP pre-milking udder preparation to the new ECActiv post-dip additive. ECActiv is the perfect complement to Green Source Automation’s RotaryMATE robot, the only field-proven, automated teat spray system.

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