Why pay more for less? If you’re using iodine, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or other non-iodine based products as your farm or dairy’s animal hygiene solution, Clear Innovation has a better solution.

Clear Innovation’s ECALogical, ECActiv agricultural cleaning solution is

  • Cheaper
    • ECActiv typically costs 10 times less than iodine
  • Faster
    • ECActiv kills bacteria twice as fast as iodine
  • More effective and less irritating
    • “At least 10 times more efficient at killing harmful micro-organisms than commercial bleach, without the caustic corrosive, skin harming characteristics.”
  • Green
    • Ecologically friendly and NPE free.
  • Made in the USA

Perfect for Every Dairy and Farm

Use ECActiv as the ideal pre-milking and post-milking teat dip for your dairy. Use it for premise wash, hoof treatment, water injection, and towel wash.

You can make your own ECActiv for just pennies per gallon with the ECActiv Generating System. Smaller operations may purchase concentrated ECActiv solution direct from Clear Innovation – for substantially less than you currently pay.

Why Wait? Try ECActiv Today.

The ECALogical, ECActiv animal hygiene system is already making a difference in dairies across the country. Hundreds of farmers are saving money, time, and the environment by using ECActiv instead of iodine or bleach for teat dipping, hoof treatment, and premise washing.

Schedule a visit to see ECActiv in action, on a local farm, today.

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