ECActiv is the perfect low-cost, fast-acting, animal hygiene solution for your dairy’s teat-dip needs.


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Clear Innovation’s ECActiv can save your dairy money.

Using ECActiv for your teat dip can save your dairy hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. It’s 10 percent of the cost of iodine.

ECActiv is a better product, made in the USA. It kills pathogens more effectively than iodine or bleach, in just half the time.

Using ECActiv gives farmers control over their consumable costs. It’s a superior product, with multiple applications, and the low cost creates substantial savings on everyday expenditures.

Use ECActiv for:

  • Pre-Milking and Post-Milking Teat Dip
    • A fast, inexpensive biocide, effective against a wide variety of mastitis causing organisms – and gentle on cows.
  • Foot and Hoof Treatment and Baths
    • Effective as a topical solution and in hoof baths, working against warts, rot, and pathogens. Cut copper usage by up to 70 percent.
  • Premise and Equipment Washing
    • An affordable milking parlor, maternity barn, and calf hutch cleaner. ECActiv offers a quick surface kill that can replace all of your existing cleaners.
  • Towel Washing
    • Get your towels cleaner than ever, cheaper than ever, using ECActiv as a laundry additive.
  • Water Treatment
    • Inject ECActiv into your water system for cleaner water and improved flow. ECActiv can be used for iron, manganese, and arsenic remediation – and killing harmful microorganisms.

This list is just the start. Once you have an ECALogical, ECActiv Generating System onsite, you can use ECActiv for all your cleaning needs.


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ECActiv is a ready-to-use teat dip. It’s NPE free, meeting European Union regulations; the EU has banned Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, and all producers exporting their goods must follow the regulations.

For smaller barns, Clear Innovation can deliver tanks of its ECActiv concentrated cleaning solution. For larger dairy operations, Clear Innovation sells inexpensive systems that allow you to produce your own ECActiv for just pennies per gallon. The ECActiv system can be scaled to meet any dairy’s needs.

Our sales team knows how dairies operate. We’re ready to put our knowledge to the test on your farm. If you’ve got problems, we can solve them. You can trust our service team to keep your farm running efficiently.

A wide range of Clear Innovation additives are available, from ECActiv PREP pre-milking udder preparation to the new ECActiv post-dip additive. ECActiv is the perfect complement to Green Source Automation’s RotaryMATE robot, the only field-proven, automated teat spray system.

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