Other AG Applications

ECActiv is the perfect cleaner for any farm – not just dairies.


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While dairymen are already saving millions of dollars with ECActiv, other industries can benefit as well. The germicidally active, quick-acting ECActiv cleaning solution is a great fit in many agricultural operations.

  • Nurseries
    • Use ECActiv to reduce mold, algae, and bacteria growth in greenhouses.
  • Poultry Hatcheries
    • For even the hardest jobs, ECActiv can clean and kill harmful bacteria.
  • Food Processing
    • ECActiv cleans food processing equipment cheaper, faster, and more effectively than the competition.
  • Premise and Equipment Wash
    • An affordable cleaner for your entire property. ECActiv offers a quick surface kill that can replace all of your existing cleaners.
  • Towel Washing
    • Get your towels cleaner than ever, cheaper than ever, using ECActiv as a laundry additive.
  • Water Treatment
    • Inject ECActiv into your water system for cleaner water and improved flow. ECActiv can be used for iron, manganese, and arsenic remediation – and killing harmful microorganisms.
  • Fungicidal Control
    • Prevent fungi from growing on your equipment or buildings.
  • General Animal Hygiene
    • If it needs to be cleaned, ECActiv can do it.


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