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Clear Innovation. Providers of cost-effective, sustainable, made-in-America agricultural products.


Our goal is to improve the operational efficiencies and productivity of organizations within the agriculture industry. We will accomplish our goal by offering superior products and service.  Our products will be cost conscious, efficient, and improve operations.  Our service will be hands on, analytical, and always have the interest of our customers in mind.  Our analysis will provide our customer with the tools to effectively utilize tools and equipment that progress the industries we serve.

Who We Are

We are a leading distributor of innovative agricultural solutions.  Our experienced team will offer a unique source of information, analysis, and assistance in order for businesses to effectively and efficiently control costs and increase productivity.

In January of 2012 we became an authorized dealer of Recon Technologies for the Western 13 states in the agriculture industry. We also are the sole dealer within the United States in the poultry industry.

Our current focus is in providing a cost effective animal hygiene solution that is setting a new standard in the industries we serve. The solutions we provide have been found to be more effective than standard treatments and at a fraction of the price. We see the industries we serve as being the next generation for an increased need in operational improvements through new technologies. This will only allow these entities to be more productive and profitable.





Clear Innovation was formed out of the agriculture industries need for low cost, effective cleaning solutions.  As a result of the experiences of sister companies Ram Mechanical Inc. and Green Source Automation, the Clear Innovation team offers a unique background and knowledge in both industrial and agriculture operations.  This combination of skills and experience allow Clear Innovation to bring new ideas, operational efficiencies, and high level of trust in service that our customers have come to expect.

Clear Innovation is strategically aligned with Ram Mechanical Inc. and Green Source Automation.

Ram Mechanical Inc., a successful industrial contractor, supports some of the largest production facilities in California and beyond.  They also are a global leader in robotic integration and specialized equipment utilized in the bottled water industry.

Green Source Automation is revolutionizing the dairy industry with its product offerings of robotic automation.  Bringing the technology, efficiency, and standards stemmed from automation to the dairy milking process will sustain dairy production into the future.

Clear Innovation and its partners developed the ECALogical production system in tandem with Recon Technology.  Recon Technology developed the ECA production concept, while Clear Innovation developed the production machine known as the ECActive Generating System.

This groundbreaking new technology is a cheaper, faster, greener animal hygiene system.  Clear Innovation sells ECALogical systems, ECActiv, special blended additives for superior agricultural cleaning. We also service agricultural equipment and distribute dairy supplies from Thrifty Dipper, Ambic Equipment Limited, and The Coburn Company, Inc.

From its Ceres, California headquarters, Clear Innovation serves dairies, farms, hatcheries, greenhouses, and nurseries in 13 states: Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and West Kansas.




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