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Clear Innovation. Providers of cost-effective, sustainable, made-in-America agricultural products.

In addition to the flagship Recon Technologies ECALogical, ECActiv animal hygiene solution, Clear Innovation offers a number of additives to meet dairies’ needs.

  • ECActiv PREP

A pre-milking udder preparation

  • ECActv Post-Dip

A post-milking teat dip

All ECActiv additives are ready-to-use, and NPE Free.

Clear Innovations carries Recon Technology’s 5, 10, 15, and 25-gallon air powered foamers, perfect for applying ECActiv to equipment, hutches, and other areas around the dairy.

Additionally, Clear Innovation is a licensed distributor for:

  • Ambic Equipment Limited’s world-leading dairy hygiene and livestock health management products, including mastitis prevention and detection equipment.
  • Thrifty Dipper’s next generation teat-dippers, including bottle squeezed hand-held dippers and foamers.
  • The Coburn Company, Inc.’s quality dairy equipment and farm supplies. The Coburn Company’s catalog covers a wide range of farm needs, from boots to barn equipment, milking equipment, cleaning and sanitizing.

Clear Innovation also sells supplies like gloves, towels, and soaps, and services a wide range of dairy and agricultural equipment.

Our strategic partner, Green Source Automation, offers the RotaryMATE robot, the only field-proven, automated teat spray system. It works great with ECActiv.

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