ECActiv Generating System – Sub

The ECALogical, ECActiv Generating System isn’t just good for teat dipping. Farmers are using the system for:

  • Water Treatment
  • Animal Hygiene
  • Crop Protection
  • Fungicidal Control
  • Towel Washing
  • Hoof Treatment
  • Calf Hutch Cleaning
  • Calf Bottle Rinse
  • Premise Wash

Farmers say that when they have the ECActiv Generating System on-site, they use ECActive for all their anti-microbial cleaning needs.

With the C-100 and C-200 to choose from, Clear Innovation’s ECActiv Generating Systems can be scaled to serve any farm or dairy’s needs. Clear Innovation is there to keep your machines running through regular care and maintenance. With bi-weekly inspections and 24/7 electronic notifications in cases of component error, our service technicians take pride in your machinery.

Think your operation is too small to purchase an ECActiv Generating System? Clear Innovation also sells ECActiv concentrate directly to farmers. We ensure that it is diluted properly for use, and we check your hoses, sprayers, and dippers to ensure ECActiv is being used effectively. It’s cheaper than iodine, other non-iodine based dips, or Hydrogen Peroxide.



We have the ability to provide a hassle free delivery service or can install an ECActive generating machine on site so organizations can produce product at will. This gives the control back to the organizations where they don’t have to rely on suppliers and can control the product quantity they need. The new standard is giving control back to businesses so they can effectively control costs.


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